Part 2; Rueda-specific moves

Part 2 of the guide has 3 Chapters covering the 3 principal Rueda dance positions (open position (Guapea); closed position (Tiempo Espana); and ‘Rueda formation’ i.e. facing into the Rueda). Variations are described for each position, together with detailed introductions to the relevant ‘families’ of moves for each position.

There are many more Rueda calls and moves, and these are described in other parts of the guide if more appropriate, i.e Part 3 covers The Role of the Caller, including moves to control, start and end the Rueda as well as many Enchufla variations and other moves used by the caller to introduce fun and movement. Part 4 covers moves which can generally be danced in partner Salsa (Casino) as well as in Rueda.

These pages include notes on additional notes or variations, alternative calls, and any corrections if relevant. 

Former posts have now been copied into relevant Chapters to keep things organised, and to avoid too many short posts.