Chapter 10 – Casino partner moves which start with a single handed hold

Chapter 10 of the guide covers those Casino partner moves which begin with a single hold, either LLH/FRH or crossed LRH/FRH (e.g. Pimienta, Dedo, Panque/Siete, Vacilala). This page includes a few additional move descriptions, notes on variations and alternative calls, and if relevant, any corrections or updated move descriptions. Quite a few draft Casino partner moves were dropped from the final version of the guide, since they proved quite difficult to describe in words.

A few abbreviations are used in these notes –  the same as those in the guide (i.e. FO = Follower; LE = Leader; DQN = Dile que no (move names are distinguished by italics); LLH/LRH = Leader’s left hand / right hand; FLH/FRH = Follower’s left hand / right hand; DOHH = double open hand hold i.e. not crossed; XHH = double hold, crossed, right hands on top; cw = clockwise; a-cw = anti-clockwise; bullet points relate (generally) to 8 beats of music).


Vacilala entrada. The more common version includes a touch of hands by the FOs as they step into the Rueda after the LEs.

Alternative calls

No new ones added yet.

New moves and variations

Avioneta (little aeroplane)

A nice little Miami style move which is technically quite challenging as a lot happens in a short space of time.

  • Take LRH/FRH hold, countersignal positively towards the centre of the Rueda and bring the hands down to lead a simultaneous FO right turn and LE left turn towards the outside of the Rueda, changing places.
  • The next 8 beats involve a series of fast and continuous turns:
    • On beats 1-2-3 LE turns to his left ducking under FO’s right arm as he circles around her. He does this by putting the LRH/FRH in the small of his back as he starts to turn left, then as he faces away from her he ducks under the arm, before rising to face her again.
    • As the LE comes out of this ducking turn, without pause on 5-6 he leads a FO right turn followed on 7-8 with a LE right turn as both continue to circle around each other, to end in the open position.
  • Do Evelyn led with the LRH/FLH (i.e. a FO left turn like Enchufla on 5-6-7 with a LE right turn, changing hands behind his back), to end in DQN position.
  • DQN to the open position.

Dile que no doble (double say no)

The name of this move doesn’t describe it very well; starts with Enchufla y quedate, then a wrap for the FO followed by a ducks out in the same direction, to an Enchufla ending. Introduced to Cambridge Rueda by Jason, but originating I believe from a class taught by Nicola Medic.

  • Enchufla y quedate, take LRH/FRH as both face the centre.
  • Lead FO across in front of the LE keeping the LRH/FRH low and turning the FO to her left as LE and FO change places (LE stepping back and turning slightly) the FO’s turn continued  to end with an armlock behind her back held by LRH at her left hip as she faces the LE in the open position.
  • Keeping this hold, take LLH/FLH. Lift this hand and then slightly awkwardly bring this arm down behind the FO into a FLH armlock (being careful not to lock the elbow by turning her slightly left as the arm is lifted over her head) to end with FO facing the LE, wrapped in close, with both arms crossed  behind her back.
  • Lift the LE’s left elbow and lead the FO to turn to her right under the LE’s left arm to end in the open position with XHH.
  • With this hold lead the first 8 beats of Enchufla (FO left turn) changing places to end in the DQN position releasing the LRH/FRH and lifting and releasing the LLH/FLH over LE’s head.
  • DQN to the open position.


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