Interesting Rueda videos

A small collection of interesting videoclips, all via links to Youtube.

Los Fundadores de la Rueda de Casino (the founders of Rueda de Casino). They may be in their 70s or even their 80s but still going strong and obviously still enjoying the dance they created in their youth.

Para bailar Casino, a Cuban TV programme from 2003 – 2006 dedicated to Casino style dance, and including some great Rueda de Casino performances and competitions. Unfortunately the video quality is less than perfect. This one is typical, but many more are available. On Youtube search on ‘Para Bailar Casino’; or you can download many as archived recordings from this weblink.

This is my favourite Cuban style Rueda video. How do they make it look so easy?

This link takes you to Planet Timba’s website and an article and interview with Yanek Revilla, Director of Salseros DYK from Santiago de Cuba featured in the video, and includes more videos and his views on Rueda de Casino, including his ‘5 Golden Rules’.

Cubamemucho 2011, winning performance by the Serbian team. Amazing dance combinations and innovative moves.

And the Serbian ladies team are just as amazing`;


A tightly choreographed demonstration by the Grupo America dance troupe from Vancouver, Canada with a lot of nice moves.

Salsa Loca Opole, Poland. World Latino Festval, Liberec 2011.
An impressive winning performance from a junior Rueda team.

This trailer ‘La Rueda de Guanabacoa’ describes preparatory filming in Cuba by Sarita Streng from Canada for a film recounting the lives of members of a competitive Rueda group in Guanabacoa, near Havana, Cuba. This has now been released as a completed film called ‘La Salsa Cubana’ but only in North America (although copies can be rented via the email address given at the end of the videoclip).

Guinness world record attempts. This 2010 attempt has 708 couples, the introduction is a bit long, but this is a genuine single circle.

Where else but in Salsa mad Columbia would it be possible to assemble 1000 people to attempt the biggest Rueda? There is actually more than one circle, but this is a huge logistical achievement. (This video doesn’t always load, in which case go to Youtube and search on ‘Rueda de Casino record Cali’).

Literally taking Rueda to new heights, the Rumbanana group demonstrate ‘Extreme Rueda’!

I still haven’t worked out if this one is serious or poking fun at the Norwegian Rueda Standard. Quote: “The Hawaiian Rueda standard” presents a demonstration of moves from the new dance craze that is sweeping the nation – the hawaiian hoedown hula rueda.”

If you have an interest in East Coast Swing dancing, have a look at this site by Jeff Miller and Elaine Hewlett from Dallas Texas, who have combined their knowledge of Swing and Rueda de Casino and invented ‘Swing Rueda’. Other links on the site demonstrate a small selection of basic moves.

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