Links from the guide

Some of the links given at Appendix 1 – Further Explorations

NB. The location of these may differ from those given in the guide if they have since been updated.

Historia del Casino y de la Rueda Website in Spanish and Italian dedicated to the history of Casino and Rueda in Cuba.

The revolution of Rueda de Casino, the untold story by Juan G Gomez Barranco. Record of an interview with Juan G Gomez Barranco, one of the originators of Rueda de Casino explaining its creation at the Club Deportivo in Havana.

A la source de la Salsa cubaine: La Rueda de Casino par ceux qui l’ont créée A significant and revealing article in French by Fabrice Hatem describing the origins of Rueda de Casino in Cuba. Based on interviews with 7 of the original 1950’s founders held in 2011, which provide fascinating details and insights into the earliest days of Rueda.

Cuban music history website. Provides a general summary of the history of Cuban music.

The SalsaNor site for the Norwegian Rueda Standard lists of moves (in English).

The SalsaNor site for the Norwegian Rueda Standard Youtube video collection.

Dance in Time Productions

Website by professional instructor, Barbara Bernstein. Probably the most comprehensive English language website on Rueda on the Internet. Lots of fascinating Rueda wisdom and detailed notes on technical aspects of the dance, dance culture and even a quiz and Rueda humour.

Latin Dance Study Guide by Martin Blais (2005).

An online (pdf) technical book on all aspects of Salsa dancing which covers Cuban and international styles, Rueda de Casino and much more. A unique publication which includes detailed explanations of the elements of Cuban style; music and timing; numerous practice exercises, and descriptions of many Rueda moves.